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Welcome to Dapple Dog Pottery!

Welcome to Dapple Dog Pottery! I have been working with clay since about 1990 and I love the feel of the clay and turning it into functional piece of art.  In 2008, I had the opportunity to buy a wheel and really devote more time to my pottery.   That’s when I decided to set up my studio and name it after my double dapple dachshund, Shelby.  He spent many hours with me in the studio, inspiring me, keeping me company and catching some zzz too!  Fast forward to 2015 and I’m getting a new website and I still love losing myself in the clay.  I have done several sets of dishes and find it’s exciting to make a set for someone who will use them everyday for meals shared with family and friends.   Whether a set of dishes or individual pieces, my dishes are made for normal daily use and can go into the microwave, dishwasher and even the oven!  For something different, I make tiles that I mount on a board to hang on the wall and I also enjoy working on nativities, which is what got me back to the clay in 2008.

I hope you enjoy looking around my new website and finding the perfect gift for yourself or for family and friends.  I invite you to leave a message to let me know what draws you to handmade pottery.


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