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Beauty All Around

Beauty is all around us!  Do you take the time to notice?  We are so busy every minute of every day.  I hear people complain about not having enough time to do the things they want to do.  Have you ever said those words?  Have you said “if only I had the time” or “I’m just too busy”?  A few days ago, I unloaded the kiln to find these beauties and I was so happy to have something flowering in my yard to set up these photos!

To make these two pieces, I tried a new technique using balloons.  First, I rolled out a soft slab of clay, textured the slab and shaped the piece.  Then I used the balloon to hold the hand built piece in place until it dried enough to hold it’s shape.  When it was drying, I thoughtBlue Stoneware Flower Vase it looked like a cornucopia for a table setting and I love the way it turned out!  The next night I used another balloon and added a foot to the piece so it could stand.  The gentle curves in this vase will certainly complement your arrangement.

I love trying new techniques and putting my spin on them!  I find joy being in nature and I enjoy incorporating this inspiration into my pottery in different ways so I can share it with you.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and remember to take a little time every day to find beauty in your world!

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