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Leaves and Birds and Trees and Paw Prints

I fired the kiln Thursday and I always love opening the kiln the next day! Yesterday, as I was unloading the warm bisque pieces, I thought about how much fun it is to see everything after firing.   My kiln is in a shed in the backyard, so on the way into the studio, I stopped outside to sand everything and I thought about how this is one of the parts I dislike the most. I sand the bottom of everything to remove small bits of bisque clay around my initials and to smooth the foot and the rim. This time, it was more enjoyable because I stood in the cool crisp morning listening to the birds and admiring the redbuds and daffodils. I was taken with the beauty in nature all around me and I realized that this is what I was thinking of when I came up with the tag line ‘Bringing beauty and nature into your hands.’ I take inspiration from nature and incorporate it into my pottery. You may notice that a lot of my work has leaves and birds and trees and paw prints. Other times it’s subtle, like the colors of glazes used.  I hope that as you  enjoy my pottery daily, it brings these good thoughts and feelings to mind. I hope it brightens your mood, lifts your spirits, like yesterday morning when I was sanding pieces. This Spring, make a mental note to recognize the beauty all around you.



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