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dappledogpotteryAbout Me

I grew up in Oklahoma and after college, moved to Georgia. While living in Georgia, I found a weekend pottery workshop. I couldn’t talk anyone into taking the workshop with me, so I drove an hour to Macon and just did it.  I loved the feel of the clay and after watching the ball of clay turn into something, I knew I was hooked!  I signed up for more classes and realized how relaxing it was, even though I had to drive an hour on Monday after work and then another hour home. Eventually, I bought a kiln and finally bought a wheel!

I had taken some time away from the clay, but was brought back to it in 2007, after attending a Christmas party. I was drawn to a nativity at the party that was primitive in it’s beauty.  Several days later, I pulled out my clay and got to work on my own nativity, drawing inspiration from that one.  Six years later, I saw a picture of that primitive nativity and was surprised that I would not have recognized it had I not asked my friend to send the photo; but it is still eye-catching and inspiring.

karenIn 2010, I moved to Tulsa, OK and set up my studio at my home, making functional pottery, as well as creating unique pieces. I enjoy incorporating natural themes into my work and I draw inspiration from travel and from the outdoors. My pottery can be used in one’s daily life, bringing beauty and nature into your hand, even in the simple task of having a cup of coffee.

Dapple Dog Pottery was named for my miniature daschund, Shelby.  He was born blind, but that never slowed him down.  I was always amazed by his ability to adapt to his surroundings.  Making pottery is often a solo activity, but I love taking my pups to the studio.  Shelby is no longer with me but his ‘sister’, Cosita still accompanies me.  She is a chihuahua I rescued back in 2000.  I love being in the studio and I enjoy having my dogs with me.

I am excited for you to have a peek!

shelby and cocita“My name is Lena Oates. I live in south Georgia and discovered Karen’s talent about 7 years ago through my sister. I have loved the pieces that I bought that day and every one since. I ask her to keep mestocked with the nativities so that I can have them as gifts. I give them at Christmas, but I will also give them during the year. I will share them with brides- to- be at holiday showers or just because someone is precious to me and I want to share a special gift with them. Karen is gifted in that she gives of herself every time she makes a piece and then shares it with someone. Her work is special and I tell everyone about her.” ~Lena Oates