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Welcome to My Shop

My pottery can be used in one’s daily life,
bringing beauty and nature into your hand, even in the simple task of having a cup of coffee.

Do you want to hold it in your hands and feel the contours? Are you drawn to the colors, the shapes, the imprints or designs in the glaze? Do you want to test the handles and can you imagine dishes stacked in your cabinets or imagine the perfect spot for a piece or do you see the perfect gift for a friend? I hope to draw you into this experience.

A Note about Shipping:

The weight of ceramics varies so much, I have done my very best to predict the most accurate shipping quote possible. Once your order is placed, I will assess it again. If there is any overage collected, I will gladly refund your Paypal account with 1-3 business days. And if you would like expedited shipping please let me know and I will get right back to you with a new quote and a plan of action. Thank you so much!!! ♥